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8 Amazing Benefits Of Frankincense For Skin and Hair Posted on 11 Aug 03:40 , 3 comments

   Frankincense is known to have several medicinal properties. In ancient times people used it to treat many health problems: for example: dissolving frankincense in path water to heal wounds, stretch marks, and many skin problems while enjoying the lemony musky smell of frankincense. It was as precious as gold and was the lucrative trade of Dhofar,  the southern region of Oman. Most of the research done on the healing properties on frankincense are done using the Boswellia Sacra family of frankincense trees which are largely grown in Oman and parts of Yemen.

Nowadays commercial oils are widely available and easy to access and apply, but they differ in quality and purity making it difficult for the consumer to select. Moreover, the use of oil is more expensive and requires separate procedures for each benefit. Hence we will show you in this article how simple and effective it is to do it the way ancient people used to do with frankincense.

The secret way is simple and widely used till these days by dissolving frankincense tears in a hot bathtub water till it slightly changes the color of water. Wait till the temperature is warm to the skin and give yourself the relaxing moments you deserve while enjoying the remarkable smell and benefits of frankincense.

The  8 Benefits of frankincense for Skin and Hair:

 1) Anti-infection: quicker healing without leaving scars behind is something we all look for. frankincense can be used as disinfectant to clean wounds and cuts while reducing scars.


2) Heals Insect Bites: Frankincense is able to reduce swelling of insect bites.


3) Makes your Skin Soft and Smooth: frankincense can act as a natural skin conditioner when used regularly.

4) Reduces Scar: Frankincense can naturally help in fading away acne, surgery marks, stretch marks and other type of marks from the skin

5) Regenerates your skin: by regenerating healthy skin cells, frankincense can keep you looking younger.

6) Strengthens your Finger Nails: while you are relaxing in your bath frankincense can take care of your delicate finger nails and help strengthen them.


7) Gives Healthy Hair and reduces hair loss: by making hair roots stronger, Frankincense can reduce hair loss significantly and give you healthier hair.

8) Cures Dandruff: frankincense can provide relief from dandruff with regular use.


Frankincense was used by the rich in the old times and was considered a luxury to have, yet the importance of frankincense and the health benefits are still intact. In future articles we will explore more benefits and uses of frankincense. check our products page for premium frankincense directly harvested and sold from Dhofar, the land of frankincense.


 Infographic 8 Amazing Benefits Of Frankincense For Skin and Hair



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